Heart transplantation in opera scene

Artists find different ways to drew attention of today’s audience to opera. For example a composer from Houston, certain Todd Frazer, chose as a libretto a plot about transplantation of the heart. The composer was inspired while attending in an operation: he was the viewer, while his father is a specialist on heart transplantation. The heart of donor starts to beat at once. Todd was stunned while seeing the dead organ to start working when the surgeon lets the blood flow by vessels.

The idea came to the musician by accident: at the moment of operation, 3rd symphony of Aaron Kopland sounded. “A nice music sounded, and the patient with a new heart started a new life,” – Frazer tells. This was why, Frazer decided to unit the heart and music, this time in an opera.

The characters of the new opera are a blind woman and her daughter, who was before the eyes of the woman, though she died. The mother tries to humble with her death. She has to decide whether the heard of her daughter will belong to a new owner or not.

Robert Brown, who became the family friend, after Todd’s father transplanted a new heart to him, proposed another view on the issue. He said he had never pried for having a new heart, because he had known that somebody should die for it. The spiritual aspect of transplantation is also present in the opera: a young priest should give a piece of advice to the blind woman about her daughter’s heart.

The opera will be called Breath of Life. According to Todd Fazer, the first what the patient feels after the operation is that he can breath again. And I wonder, what a singer feels while singing a party of a patient who has just gone through heart transplantation?

It is not known where the musically-medical project will be realized. I wish this would be a musical. But the best idea is to give this plot to the TV series Emergency!.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

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