A blind mystic will look at your butt and tell your future

A blind German mystic says that he can predict his client’s future, touching his or her buttocks. The guy says that a person’s butt was a very good substitute to a palm, and that it is very good for seeing a client's fate and character.

Thirty-nine-year old Ulf Buk from the settlement of Meldorf, which is to the north-west of Hamburg, says that the lines on the skin of a butt could tell the future a lot better, in comparison with what happens in classic chiromancy. The lines, which can show a career, life, success or failure of a person, can be seen on the inner sides of your thighs, and five other lines are on the outer side. Mystic’s clients consider his blindness an advantage, since it guarantees their anonymity.

“Different people come to me, both washer-women and secretaries, even well-known public figures. They think that it is a big plus that I am blind, since I cannot recognize them afterwards,” – Ulf Buk said (he lost his eyesight when he was a three-year old kid). He added that he spent many years to learn how to tell fortunes: “Muscled buttocks in the form of an apple testify to a charming, dynamic, confident, creative personality – it is a person, who enjoys life. A pear-like butt says that its owner is a persistent, patient, materially-minded person.

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