Shame on naked Chinese!

Chinese newspapers and magazines have launched a war against infringers of moral and ethic norms, those people who are not ashamed of exposing their naked bodies in summer. Newspapers publish photos of men who do not wear shirts in the streets in summer. The measure is expected to make the people feel ashamed of their actions.

Beijing Youth Daily editors make a protest against such shameless men disgracing the nation’s honor. Newspapers report, men give up the shame and take off their shirts and sports-jerseys; at that, their intimate body parts, arms and body trunks, are exposed to the society. Newspapers have started an unusual action to do away with such depravity; everybody is invited to take part in the action. Readers are asked to take pictures of men naked up to the waist and send them to the editorial offices of Chinese newspapers. The pictures are further to be published in newspapers with detail descriptions of how, when and where the disgracing deed was committed (in other words, who, when and where was noticed without a shirt). Newspapers believe that when these shameless people see their photos in public newspapers and read indictments, they will feel sorry for the shameless deeds and never do it again.

The action was launched two weeks ago, however, the Beijing Youth Daily editorial office is already piled with pictures of men naked to the waist. Some companies support the initiative and offer free T-shirts to every men noticed naked to the waist.

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