Lavatory as temple of art

In Duesseldorf, owners of an underground public convenience suppose that the most interesting things, for example, during a disco, take place in lavatories. This was why, they decided to combine some things which are nice for the youth with what is profitable for the businessmen: they turned out their public convenience into a discotheque. According to them, dalle and sanitary engineering create the proper disco-mood.

The owners intend to decorate their lavatory pans with illumination, supposing this will guarantee profitability of the enterprise. After this project is realized, several more lavatories of the kind will be opened in the city, though with more vim.

The idea seems to belong to US actor and playwright from San-Francisco Bob Ernst, who intends to play his next performance in a public lavatory. He finds that lavatory takes one of the most important places in human life, therefore it is a perfect scene for his new staging.

Money has no smell – this is well known, though now one more aphorism should be taken into consideration: art has no smell.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

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