A bride for giraffe brought to Moscow Zoo

Female giraffe Lyuba was brought to the Moscow Zoo by plane from the White Oak Preservation Centre (Florida, USA). She should become 'a girlfriend' of nine-year old giraffe Samson, who lives at the Moscow Zoo. Samson is much older than Lyuba, who is only a year and a month old.

However, the meeting between Samson and Lyuba is delayed. Lyuba won't be shown to visitors and let out of the cage, the Moscow Zoo told a RIA Novosti correspondent. The point is that Lyuba injured its leg during transportation. The Zoo doctors believe that the giraffe injured her leg when trying to break the cage, which bored it over the two days of transportation. According to preliminary information, the doctors have diagnosed a dislocation, however, some experts suspect a fracture.

The Wilbenstein family from France presented the Zoo with giraffe Lyuba. It is called after Russian-born Lyuba Wilbenstein.

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