A Chinese nearly shook plane down with a spit

A Chinese who boarded the plane for the first time in his life nearly caused an air crash. The man decided to spit from the height of 10,000 meters.

The Straits Times reports, the accident occurred on a China Southern Airlines flight. As soon as the liner gained height, and the belts could be unfastened, one of the passengers left the cabin. In a minute the man was caught attempting to open the emergency exit. By the moment he was caught red-handed, the interior paneling was already torn away. Fortunately, the liner was not depressurized.

Members of the crew who came running to the accident site did not have to use force as the man quietly moved away from the emergency exit himself. The man calmly said that he just wanted to spit, but did not know how it is traditionally done in planes (remember, the man boarded the plane for the first time in his life). To be on the safe side, the man was isolated from the passengers and later, after landing in Shanghai, delivered to police. However, the police determined that it was the crew that was guilty of the accident: the crew members were to have explained beforehand what was allowed to do in flight, and what was banned.


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