Condoms cause depression

According to US investigators, sperm penetrating into female organism makes the woman happier. The scientists are persuaded that testosterone and estrogen hormones the sperm contains, while soaking by vagina’s sides, better the woman’s spirits. Though, the investigators advise not to neglect safe sex.

Gordon Gallup and his colleagues from New York university divided 293 women into groups depending on how often their sexual partners use condoms. Having carried out standard psychological tests, they learned the spirits of the women and the degree on their happiness. The investigators found out that women whose partners had never used condoms were the happiest. The next group was made up of women whose partners used condoms from time to time. The women whose partners always used condoms were the least happiest of all.

The investigation also showed that lack of sex often caused depression. The women whose partners never or sometimes used condoms felt depressed as often as long they were deprived of sexual contact. It was even found out that depression and suicide attempts were more often observed among women whose partners always used condoms.

Gallup also noticed that these results were also confirmed in a wider investigation, carried out among 700 women. He added that such factors like frequency of sexual contacts, the deepness of intimacy, individual qualities and use of oral contraceptives did not influence the results. Gallup supposes these results could be used towards women who practice oral and anal sex. Though, he added that in this case additional investigation is necessary.

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