Wanna be healthy? Eat lizards every day

Suvan Meunlow from Thailand dislikes medicines designed to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. He follows an old recipe: eat a lizard a day, and it will help you get rid of any disease. The man says, the panacea is always available and costs nothing.

The only thing necessary for lizard treatment is to be skillful to catch a reptile without touching its tail, and then immediately swallow it. The medicine guarantees a quick recovery. Suvan began his lizard treatment thirty years ago, at the age of eighteen. The boy had stomach problems, and the pain could not be relieved. Doctors were helpless in the situation: any anesthetic medicines they prescribed were of no effect for the boy. Then a neighbor recommended Suvan to eat a small lizard every day, it was specially stressed that reptiles should not be chewed. Suvan followed the advice and took to eating lizards since that very time.

As the man says now, he can hardly live a day without lizards. As soon as Suvan began eating lizards, stomach pain vanished and never troubled him since that time. Nowadays Suvan eats up to 15 lizards a day: the remedy has cured not only his stomach but it has raised his spirits as well. Eating lizards has improved Suvan’s potency, and it is getting stronger every year.


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