Policemen hate working in building number 69

Policemen from a police station in the state of Connecticut demand that location of the station is to be transported. The matter of the fact is that policemen dislike the address where the station is situated: they say, only a brothel can be situated at 69, Lazy street.

Police officers of Southampton, Connecticut, are very much confused when they have to mention the address of the police station where they work. Although the address is rather harmless, 69 Lazy street, the police officers say that the house number is associated directly with a well-known sexual position. The very fact that the street is Lazy only adds more fuel to the fire. Policemen are sure that no police station should be situated to the address. They say, it is a very nice address for a brothel, not for a governmental institution. And the policemen have appealed to the municipal council for moving of the police station to some other place with a name sounding less erotic. And they also wish a number of the building to be more decent. In response, the municipal council suggested that the street where the police station was situated could be renamed instead of moving the station. Deputies of the council believe that if the street is renamed into Police street, the situation is to improve for sure, and policemen will be happy. No compromise has been reached by the policemen and the municipal council yet, but it is highly likely that the police station will be moved to some other place.


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