Rubber women and dildos can jeopardize your life

A really wild incident happened in the German city of Eisenach. A local bachelor of 46 years old bought an artificial vagina in a sex- shop. The price of that toy was higher than usual, because it was said on the box that the erotic toy would have a very tight grip on penis, which would promise heavenly experience. The producers of the vagina did not deceive the customer. The vagina took a very good grip, the feelings were superb, but he could not take his penis out of it. Instead of traveling to paradise, he had to travel to hospital. This was not at all funny, for the doctors had to spend a lot of their time, trying to take that thing off.

When you buy some new erotic toys in a sex-shop, please do not hurry to pay for them. Ask a salesgirl or a salesgirl to show you, how the toy works. Furthermore, do not hurry to put your intimate body parts in a toy. You have to carefully read the instructions and learn all security rules - this might save your life if you have a breakdown or something. Don’t let other people use your toy, otherwise there is a chance that you might catch a sexually transmitted disease. If you buy an afrodiziak, you need to ask for a receipt and always follow the instructions avoiding an overdose – never break this rule, even if it seems to you that the dose mentioned in the receipt is very little. Do not forget to inquire for the date of expiry.

We would definitely not say that all production that is available at sex stores will jeopardize your life. There are a lot of lonely or sexually dissatisfied people in the world and sex stores is like a food stores for them.

Elena Izenko, the traumatologist of Moscow hospital №18 said that genital traumas were rather frequent: “This usually happens to women due to incorrect masturbation with the help of various vegetables and bottles, but the sex industry production that you can buy in a sex store can also be dangerous.”

Electric dildos are very often the reason of electric shocks. It has been recently reported that a 52-year-old American woman died in Nerbaska and the reason of her death was her electronic dildo. The toy was battery-powered and very easy and safe in use. The woman liked it very much and even decided to take a bath with it. She died in her bathroom over the electric shock.

Artificial penises are not that widely used in Russia, in comparison with Western countries, especially remote control dildos. A 38-year-old teacher from Atlanta seriously suffered from such a toy. She came to work with that toy between her legs and she was awkward to drop the remote control in a corridor, without noticing it. Her students picked it out and started pressing all those buttons during the class. They could not understand, why their teacher was changing her face expression all the time. It turned out that the guys’ joke was very painful to the teacher and she fainted in the end.

You are not going to believe this, but dildos are dangerous for men too. There have not been fatal incidents registered about men, but traumas can be very serious (here it goes about not only gays, but straight men as well). A Canadian guy decided to have a daring experiment with his wife. He asked her to perform a male role. The woman seemed to like the new role very much, because he seriously injured his rectum with the dildo that was fixed to her thighs.

Dildos have to be washed carefully every time before each use, because there can be a lot of bacteria and germs on them, it is even possible to catch AISDS through them. A 27-year-old Taiwanese woman sued a company two years ago, which was dealing with production of rubber penises, because the woman got infected with AIDS virus through the toy that she bought.

Rubber women can cause a lot of trouble too, there was an incident in America two years ago. A man got drunk a little and decided to relax with his rubber girlfriend. After he ejaculated, he wanted to smoke, but did not notice that he touched the rubber girl with his cigarette. The girl burst so loud that the guy had a heart attack, dropping the cigarette in his bed and setting it on fire. The guy recovered quickly, which saved his life.

So-called penis rings can be extremely dangerous. Those rings are used for prolonging erection, which can bring a lot of joy to men. However, some men forget that it is not allowed to wear those rings for more than 30 minutes. They show big pressure on blood vessels, which may further result even in gangrene.

Sexual afrodiziaks are basically safe, but you have to watch and follow the instructions very carefully. Afrodiziak overdose may result is poisoning, nausea, diarrhea. So, be careful!

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