New Zealand cats to share fate of Korean dogs

Cats in New Zealand are horror-stricken as they are soon to be used for barbecue. This is to happen because of citizens of a New Zealand town who are anxious about birds, that are traditionally considered food for cats. A member of the city council suggested that cats should be eaten to keep the cat population under control. The congenial idea struck the woman during discussion of a problem whether cats of New Zealand town of Nelson should be registered or not.

The problem is that cats of the town have started active hunt for local birds, that makes some bird populations extinct. Eating of cats was suggested as kind of alternative for settlement of the problem. The idea is believed to preserve populations of some birds. Joe Rainy stated at that: “It is not a joke, but a very serious suggestion.” As an argument to protect the idea the woman mentioned Korea, where dogs are not only friends to people but also tasty meat. Another council member, Mike Cotton, who supported Rainy’s idea, remembered a good old tradition of Borneo island which he once visited. The matter of the fact is that when dogs became too abundant in some places, a Dog’s Day is declared there. People of the settlement or town go into the streets and shoot off those dogs they meet. It is believed to be the best way to settle problems of the dog population.

Mike Cotton suggests that it would be nice to declare a Cat’s Day in Nelson that is sure to solve all problems at once. On the contrary, organizations for animal protection turn such bloody ideas down and suggest a more effective idea. They say, all cats of the town are to be put collars with bells on. The collars should be fastened rather tight, so that cats could not take them off, but at the same time collars should cause no discomfort to them. The invention seems rather advantageous for cats: when they hear sound of a bell, that means a cat is approaching, they may fly away at once and stay alive.

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