In Romania, a unique student made all electric appliances crash

A unique student appeared in the town of Iasi, Romania, who had a disastrous influence on electric appliances around him. RIA Novosti reported that when this 20-year-old guy moved into the nine-storied apartment building, the life of all other people living in the building turned into a nightmare. All electric appliances would go out of order, bulbs fuse, people would get stuck in elevators, not to mention constant black-outs.

Having compared all their facts, the residents of the building decided to obtain an explanation from the unfortunate student and sent the manager of the building to him. “I had a feeling as if I touched a bare electric wire,” – the manager said, describing his impression that he got, after the young man opened the door to him. He added that he simply had to leave without saying a word to the guy.

The “investigation” continued on the phone only. The residents even invited a priest, hoping for the help from above, but everything remained useless. Desperate people decided to appeal to court, after televisions crashed in every apartment of the building. The people were asking for the compensation of the damage, but most of all, they demanded the student should move out. Specialists say that the student has a very strong biomagnetic field, which caused all those troubles.

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