Sexually transmitted diseases to be cured with bananas

An American scientist invented a new method to cure sexually transmitted diseases. Now you just need to eat a vaccined banana not to catch a veneral disease. Virologist Robert Rose from the University of Rochester is sure that sexually transmitted diseases can be cured with genetically modified fruits and vegetables. The US professor offers to inject a vaccine against human papilloma into the molecular composition of, for example, bananas, that are so much liked by everybody.

Papilloma is a sexually transmitted disease; it affects some 20 million people of the African continent every year. The disease is not so widely spread in Europe and America, but statistics is getting less and less comforting every year. If the vaccine in injected into genetically modified bananas grown in Africa, the sickness rate of the African continent can be reduced at least twice.

Theoretically, all vegetables can be turned into “antibacterial” to cure a wide range of diseases. In Professor Rose’s opinion, such food substances will be created in two years, but only in five years, after thorough testing, they are to enter the market. Banana was chosen for its great popularity all over the world and infrequent allergic reactions.

As of now Professor Rose is working on anti-virus potato. Indeed, there are people who dislike bananas, but prefer potato.

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