A desperate gesture

Nine Colombian paupers dug themselves under the ground, desperately trying to protest against poverty and the absence of public utilities. This was the way nine Colombian men decided to say no to unworthy living conditions, healthcare and education systems. This action was called self-sacrifice, and it took place in the yard of one of Bogota’s suburban churches.

Nine guys buried themselves and left only their heads above the surface of the ground, hoping to attract attention of the local government in order to complain of all those things to them. However, no official showed up to see the guys “burying” themselves, there were only local residents and journalists. The guys refuse from water and food, they ask the government to build a water line to the poor quarter, as well as the sewerage system, telephone like, to provide medical aid and education. One of the buried participants of the protest said: “All our residents drink poison water of coffee color from the lagoon, where dead horses lie, and there are no roads to reach our place.”

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