Gypsy baron falls victim to tomb raiders in Siberia

The grave of a so-called gypsy baron – the leader of a gypsy community – has been robbed at the Zayeltsevo cemetery in the East Siberian city of Novosibirsk. It turned out that just like the Egyptians - the ancient civilization that the Romany people were named after - the gypsies have a tradition of accessorizing their dead with various valuables. And, also like the pyramid dwellers, the gypsies fall victim to grave robbers.

Although the loot was considerably less than that of the famed Tutankhamen’s treasure, the Siberian ''archaeologists'' got away with a pretty penny – $3,500 and 100,000 roubles in cash, as well as a diamond ring and a Rolex watch. And, like Howard Carter, the thieves may now face retribution – not from an ancient curse, however, but from the local police. A criminal case has been instigated into the incident.

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