Policeman in dinner jacket is a menace to highway louts

Aggressive and rough conduct on highways is not only a Russian reality. People with loutish temper are abundant in any country of the world. In some countries such conduct is unpunished, but in some countries not. A driver in Winnipeg felt extremely angry with the whole of the world while driving his lorry. The man was especially angry with lots of cars driving here and there, everywhere. He even wanted to splash out all spite of his, the man even thought, probably a fight might help to do away with the bad spirits.

Driving so along a highway, the driver met a wedding procession with a happy young just married couple on the back seat of the car. It seemed to be a nice chance for the angry driver to mar the young people’s spirits.

The lout drove the car with just married to the roadside, rushed out of the lorry, attacked the bridegroom and shook fists at him. But the bridegroom worked as a policeman (a rather unexpected fact for the driver). It took him just several seconds to quickly get down on the lout; his festive attire did not suffer at that at all. Soon, a friend of the bridegroom, a policeman too, arrived in time as well to help his friend with the loutish driver. The friend was on his way back from the wedding party as well.

The lorry driver was arrested and taken to the nearest police department. Now the man will have enough time to sit and think about good manners. We hope, he is going to be very polite and courteous in the future.


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