Curfew for pigs

Pigs living in Indian region Gurgaon are very much unlucky. Starting with today a resolution comes into effect to prohibit pigs to walk about the streets and get together in groups. Circuit judge of Gurgaon has got awfully tired of pigs walking about the streets in the towns and villages. Indeed, about 8,000 pigs are walking about the streets without ceremonies, there is no control over grazing and moral look of the pigs.

It took a lot of time for the judge to invent a measure to get rid of annoying pigs. While reading the Criminal Code, the judge came across the article #144 providing that a judge can prohibit any man to appear in this or that settlement, if as the judge supposes, the measure is designed to avert “troubles, damage or threats to people’s lives and to restore public order”. The article was implemented in the 1920s to secure order in little towns and villages.

To get rid of the annoying pigs, the judge issued a law to prohibit pigs to walk about the streets and get into small groups. According to the law, not more than four pigs are allowed to get together. Those animals that disobey, are to be caught and sent to a meat-processing plant for making bacon.

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Author`s name Editorial Team