Proven fact – women are better liars

Probably, there is not a single man in the world who is always honest. British scientists decided to carry out an investigation to find out, who is a better liar, men or women. As the investigation revealed, women are more effective in lies than men. Investigators from the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh say, women are more loquacious than men, that is why it is easier for them to tell lies.

The matter is, a certain figurative breach between the true information and the words we pronounce forms in the human mind when we tell lies. As a result, a man gets psychologically divided into two at that, consequently, altering the course of the narration. British scientists discovered, men produce twice as much not-notional pauses as women while speaking. The pauses originate spontaneously because it takes enough time for men to make their words sound better. When men have to tell lies, such not-notional pauses become more frequent, and numerous interjections appear in their speech in order to act as a logical connective for the liar’s ideas.

Professor Robin Likly from the University’s Philology Department can not explain this peculiarity. “Men participating in the investigation produced more pauses than women. It takes more time for men to make up a logically and syntactically correct phrase, at the same time connected with the previous and subsequent sentences”, the professor says. It is quite different with women. Women first grow accustomed to a role they invent themselves, and only after that start speaking.

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