Lie does not interfere with sex

Over 50% of officer workers under thirty take an overtime leave from time to time to have sex. At that people tell their bosses, they have got an acute inflammation of the heel nerve, that may be lethal if they do not stay at home.

A sociological investigation was held among office workers in Britain. As it turned out, over 50% of respondents easily tell lies when it comes to sex. To put it in other words, if a young man or a woman spend whole night making love, they suddenly realize in the morning that they have to go to work. But at the same time, they are reluctant to go. They would rather continue making love. At this very moment people may even invent that they are seriously ill, very unbelievable diseases may arise at this moment, by the way: gangrene, psoriasis, scurvy, leprosy, anything would do in this case. The poll revealed, 52% of Englishmen under thirty, discover symptoms of such diseases, then call the boss and say they can not come to work. It may seem strange, but after a call to the boss, all symptoms vanish at once.

By the way, about 24% of people under 50 also like to take an overtime leave to have sex. Meanwhile, it sounds more natural for people of this age to ask for an overtime leave for the reason of a hang-over. 56% of this age group use this very argument for having an overtime leave.

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