Little miracles of big China

The Chinese do not even have a word to indicate intimacy or private life, and there is nothing surprising about it. The majority of China’s population live with their parents in one room until young people get married. So a question of a private date or making love is out of the question, actually.

Tourists can wonder along streets and parks of Beijing for hours, but they will never see couples of Chinese lovers kissing or caressing each other. The most obscene thing that they can see is a Chinese guy and a Chinese girl strolling and holding each other’s hands. Everything else is a total taboo for the Chinese.

It stands the reason that every child of China is taught at school and in families that man-to-man affair is a blatant and strictly punishable subject. Nevertheless, there are several places for Chinese gay guys to meet, but those places are in big cities only and they are totally secret. The police are always watching. But those groups of men, who gathered to study Mao’s works, will not cause any suspicion.

It is hard to believe that the network of sex shops in China is a lot more developed than in the West. But everything gets clear, when you visit such a shop. Two elderly salesmen of medical education (wearing white gowns) will delicately inquire for your personal problems and then they will offer you a huge selection of goods to help you. Official medicine acknowledges sex toys in China not as entertainment, but as a remedy to retrieve normal relationship between husband and wife. Needless to mention the Chinese subtle science of sexual pleasures – it is stupid to dispute its authority.

On the whole, it is very surprising that China is considered to be one of the leaders of those civilizations that created the theory regarding the unity of spiritual and bodily pleasure for strengthening your health and achieving enviable longevity. Ancient drawings and silk patters have carried the true sense of human relationship through ages.

For the time being, Mao’s punitive law is still in effect for those families that decide to have more than one child. Maybe this is the reason why miracles happen in China sometimes. For example, one Chinese guy can make love with two women at once. He has two penises, believe it or not. One of them is where it is supposed to be, and the other one is instead one of his fingers on the right hand. This finger-penis has a bone inside, which is a very great help. But the most interesting thing is that this finger-penis reacts to women the same way as it generally happens. This “magic finger” is nine centimeters long and two centimeters in diameter, which is twice as much as the size of this guy’s real penis. Go figure.

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