Do policemen deliver diapers?

Officials all over the world like to abuse their authorities for personal purposes. An American deputy of the municipal council used police for quick delivery of diapers to his home.

John Titterton from Philadelphia bought diapers for his baby and forgot to take them home. The man was pressed for time because he was late for a council’s session, and the diapers were left in the car. Unluckily, not a single clean diaper was left at the man’s home by that moment. That is why Mrs.Titterton wanted to have diapers as soon as possible.

But the deputy could not miss the council’s session as well. And suddenly an idea came to his mind: he asked a policeman to take the diapers to his home. But to add more significance to the request, the deputy said very important documents were in the packet. According to the state’s law, policemen are to carry out any requests of any kind when pronounced by members of the municipal administration. Patricia Heins, the policeman who got this instruction to deliver the diapers, was indignant at the order, but, at the same time, had no right to say NO. The woman said: “I think, duties of a policeman do not cover delivery of diapers to wives of deputies.”

But the deputy is of a different opinion. “I did it not for myself, but for my little daughter. Mt wife wanted to change the girl’s diaper, and comfort of my daughter is of greatest importance for me. I always respected policemen, it was just the very first time that I asked a policeman to do things like this”, John Titterton said.

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