Monica Lewinsky is not alone in this world

Not so much time ago the whole world was watching the development of the notorious story between former American president Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, who became world-known afterwards. But as experience shows, Monica-like women caused a lot of problems to public politicians and influential figures both in America and in Western Europe.

A very scandalous story took place in Greece between Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou (69) and air hostess Dimitra Liani (34), who was then nicknamed as Mimi. Her breast became a usual thing for almost all Greek people. Her topless photographs appeared on the covers of a lot of magazines. The first unofficial lady of Greece was explaining to journalists: “Me and my friends went to the beach, everyone took their tops off and so did I.”

Dimitra got acquainted with Andreas Papandreou in a plane, when she was serving a diplomatic flight. The couple soon became inseparable. The aging prime minister was flabbergasted with the charms of the beautiful girl and he completely forgot about his manners. Dimitra was accompanying him at diplomatic receptions and dinners, she even appeared at the meeting of European prime ministers, which raised a very big scandal. That meeting was very official, even European presidents’ wives were absent. Andreas Papandreou walked in with his lover and there was not even a whisper in the hall. Dimitra was extremely extravagant in her yellow low-necked mini-dress against the background of dark business suits.

In the meantime, governmental elections were coming up in Greece and Papandreou realized that he did not have a lot of shots to win them. Even his own wife threatened him to set up another party of the opposition. The Greek prime minister stopped attending those business meetings afterwards, he started spending the majority of his time with his lover. Papandreou’s aging body was getting weak and he soon found himself in a hospital. Doctors diagnosed aorta constriction. Dimitra did not leave him in such a hard condition, she was always beside him in his ward. Papandreou decided to award his lover for her devotion and gave her a ring with three big diamonds. His political career was over with.

Another curious story happened with former American Vice President Dan Quayle, who was not so lucky, as his Greek colleague. His career failed just because of one weekend that he spent in the company of Playboy model Paula Parkinson. The saddest thing about this story is the fact that Dan did not manage to win Paula’s love. Dan was spending that weekend at a fancy villa in Florida with Republican Congressmen Thomas Evans and Tom Railsback. Paula was also there, of course. The good time started with a lot of alcohol at the villa and then continued at night bars. Dan could not take his eyes off Paula. He danced with her several times and finally offered her to spend the rest of the evening together. Paula refused because of Tom Evans, who also was her lover. Paula said to journalists later that if she had agreed to spend a night with Dan, it would have put an end to his career immediately.

Italian girl Alessandra Borgeze grew up in a gorgeous mansion not far from Milan, her father was a millionaire. She was more favorable to her darling, she even married him. Konstantin Niarkos, the son of one of the richest men of Greece, was more than happy – he was overwhelmed. But his happiness did not last long: the couple divorced in ten months. Alessandra entered the history as the woman, who gave her husband the most expensive divorce ever - $200 million.

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