Human beings feel lack of five senses

Lack of perception becomes a growing issue of today’s human being. According to Oxford scientists, too early loosing senses of taste and smell observed last years in people causes consuming of bad food and troubles with heath. While stimulating organs of senses could solve many problems. According to Charles Spence, deprivation of senses has become a real problem of today’s society. People avoid carrying active life outside. They spend about 90 percent of time inside, while wasting time for TV and computers. All this makes human life easier, though does not further using of many senses. Visual analyser is loaded with information, while emotional aspects of touch and smell are being ignored, the scientist notices. Skin makes 18 percent of human body, so without stimulation of its nerve centres it could cause a nerve stress or high blood pressure. All the more that most of pleasant moment of human life are connected with participation of several organs of senses. Too early loosing of sensitivity is a significant tendency of our life which could be expressed, for example, in the wish to add more salt to the food.

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