Flying casino to open in Israel

For the first time in the history a flying casino is to appear in Israel. This unusual casino will be opened on board of a huge airliner. The other day Israel Transport Minister Efraim Sne issued a permit for a Boeing – 747, able to take up to 230 passengers on board, to start from the international airport of Ben Gurion three times a day.

The flying casino will go round in the air over Israel’s territory for four hours, such is the initially established time limit.

Investors, who suggested opening of the casino, say, the plane will cost $20-30 million, a certain some of money will be also spent on turning its salon into a casino.

It is also reported, the flying casino will be equipped with tables and slot-machines, just the same way it is done in regular establishments designed for fleecing people.

In the future several more planes of this kind may appear. The Boeing-747 will make its first flight in beginning of the next year. Investors suppose, they will shoulder expenses on the flying casino maintenance within the next ten years. According to the provisional estimates, maintenance of one plane, including re-equipment of the salon, will cost $60-70 million a year. The Israeli Transport Ministry, in its turn, expects extra $50 million a year to its budget.


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