'Dog food' to die for

A policeman from Barnaul, in the Altai Region of southern Siberia, has been sentenced to five years in prison after killing a man. He could have faced a much harsher sentence, but the court probably took into account the fact that the victim himself was actually a criminal; he killed and then ate his neighbour’s dog.

Last April, the police station in the city’s Central District received a call that gave a whole new meaning to the expression "dog food". A local resident complained that his dog had been killed by his alcoholic neighbour, who had then gone on to eat the unfortunate pooch. A duty detail was sent to the scene and on arrival found that the dog-eater and his two friends were completely drunk and would not open the door.

One of the officers broke a window with an axe and proceeded to “wake up” the residents. The policeman struck the drunken owner on the back a couple of times with the dull end of the axe. When he rolled onto the floor, the operative started to kick the man. As a result, the mutt-muncher received fatal internal injuries – his liver was torn in two places.

The court found the policeman guilty of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in death and also of abuse of power. The court’s ruling has not yet come into force and thus, the name of the convicted officer has not been revealed.

We can only add that in Korea, which is much closer to Altai than Moscow, dog meat stew is considered a very healthy dish and is even be proscribed by doctors.


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