Want a tour under Paris bridges?

A Dutch tourism agency offers an unusual service. Anyone can go to Paris for five days for $400 only. What is very unusual in the offer is that tourists are planned to be accommodated not in hotels, but right in the streets. The company suggests that tourists may live in any picturesque place…under Paris bridges. All conveniences are nearby, right here in the street. And tourists are supposed to sleep on soft cardboard that is usually abundant in the streets, you may use them to your liking. The travel bureau says, you may go for a trip alone or with friends.

As director of the tourism company says, the tour is designed to cultivate collective spirit among people, because those who chose to travel the way the company offers, have to live close to street vagabonds, who are usually inimical to strangers. The director of the tourism company experienced himself all peculiarities of this kind of tourism. Several years ago he was in Paris penniless and had to live under a bridge for two weeks. You won’t believe, but he says he liked it! And several years later he founded a tourism company to offer such unusual trips to other people.

To tell the truth, there are not many people who prefer this kind of tourism. Not a single tour to the Paris streets was sold by the company within past eight months. But owner of the company never despairs. What is more, he even plans to organize similar tour to London, he is working on the idea now.


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