Mothman phenomenon: I want to believe

The new movie was released a month ago - The Mothman Prophecies, which was based on real events, as film-makers said. The movie is based on the best-selling investigative book by John Keel, who studies paranormal activities, the so-called mothmen, like UFO scientists say. It goes about some creatures with wings, who look like angels. Those mothmen appear on the threshold of large catastrophes. Keel said that some people saw mothmen short before the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

As it turned out, the phenomenon of a mothman is not new in Russia, several UFO organizations study this issue. One of them, the ufologist center “Russian House” sent a registered letter to the Moscow government in the summer of 1999, predicting the explosion of the apartment building in Moscow. No one treated that letter seriously. One hundred and nine people died as a result of the act of terrorism. The supervisor of the center Alexander Galtsev said: “We were afraid of Federal Security Bureau agents to come here and claim that we were involved in the act of terrorism. That is why we cannot prevent catastrophes, we are afraid. We managed to find two pensioners, who said that they saw some strange birds, who had human outlines with legs, arms and head.” John Keel wrote in his book that a mothman is a creature, which resembles a human being, that foretokens catastrophes and natural disasters. Sometimes people, who see them, think that they talk to them.

A lot of American newspapers that write about unexplainable and paranormal activities published interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses after the terror attack on America on September 11. Those people asserted that they saw weird creatures in the sky, not fat from the Twin Towers. Those creatures looked like big birds with human arms and legs. Ufologists say that this was another mothman phenomenon. Alexander Galtsev says that a mothman can appear for the eyes of one, two, ten and dozen people at once, and the only thing that people can do when they see it is run away. “I talked about this phenomenon to a priest from the Holy Trinity Church in Moscow. He said that mothmen could actually be guardian angels that try to warn people of some horrific danger.”

For the time being, there is not a photograph or a video tape to prove that mothmen exist. “Our colleagues from the ufologist organization in Tbilissi sent us interesting materials at the end of April. They wrote that some strange man was coming to the church of St.David, saying that there was a risk of very serious danger for the church. The man says that he got that information from a phantom with wings. The earthquake took place in Georgia on April 25, damaging 130 objects of architectural value, and St.David’s church was among them. Several month after we received a message from China, which said that some people saw a mothman. MD-82 aircraft of the company China Northern crashed in the north-east of China. A Chinese newspaper wrote that there were some people, who knew that the crash would take place – they saw a man that looked like a moth and warned them of it.”

The American government officially registered the new organization about a month ago - Ground Saucer Watch, which united Western leading specialists in the field of ufology. The members of this organization plan to study the mothman phenomenon and scientifically prove, what this actually is: a hallucination, mystification, a phantom, or hypnosis. However, it is not known, how the government will react to future prophecies, but Russian colleagues envy them a lot.

Alexander Galtsev claimed that the science of ufology in Russia would never reach the level of the American ufology: “Maybe this is because of the fact that people do not want to believe all those things. Ten years ago everybody was talking about UFOs, there were a lot of programs on television, newspapers were writing a lot, and people stopped believing that, because there was more lying there, than true facts. Now the world is talking about the new amazing phenomenon, and we have a chance to contribute to that.”

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