Russia ranks first in the world according to number of students

According to a number of students Russia ranks first in the world - of 10,000 Russian people 340 are students. The data was given by Russian Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov in the course of the State Duma (lower chamber of the Parliament) plenary meeting.

At the same time he explained, that "the standard number of students must be 170 on every 10,000 of population and the Federal budget must pay for their education".

The present-day number of students - 340 on every 10,000 of population - is the highest mark in Russia during the reformation years, Vladimir Filippov stressed. According to the Minister, in the times of the Soviet Union this mark estimated at 220 students on every 10,000 of population.

At the present day 621 higher education and 2595 secondary professional education State institutes function in Russia, the Minister said. 7,2 mln students study at the higher and secondary education institutes. Annual entrance of students into higher and secondary education institutions amounts at more than 2 mln people.

At the same time, with the recent worsening of the social and economic development, the young people do not always have a chance to realise their right for education, the Minister said.

Having spoken about the social status of students of higher and secondary education institutions, the Minister said, that the average maintenance allowance in Russia estimates at 200 roubles a month. Those students, who are studying well, receive extra state social maintenance allowance of 300 roubles a month.

The Ministry of Education is taking all necessary measures to fulfil a complete state provision for orphan-teenagers, who are studying in higher and secondary education institutions.

According to the survey of the Ministry of education, 95% of students receive financial aid from their parents, 35% - from part-time jobs, and 10% are being sponsored, the Minster stated.

The Ministry plans to take a number of measures, concerning an improvement of students' social status. According to the Minister, it is planned in autumn to adopt an act of purposeful social support for the needy students of higher and secondary education institutions.

The Ministry also proposes for the draft of the 2003 Federal budget at least a double increase of maintenance allowance. At the same time the Minister outlined, that the maintenance allowance in Russia have not been raised for 2,5 years.

The Ministry of Education proposes for the draft of the 2003 Federal budget to yield 24,1 bln of roubles for the social support and invigoration of students.

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