Do not confide your private sexual secrets to parrots!

Talking birds, that are better known as parrots to everyone, are famous not only for their mind and quick wits, but for bad temper as well. They are always happy to make secrets of the owners public, even details of their sexual life.

Employee of a bird preserve Wendy Abel had to take a parrot named Oliver to her home for one night. And the parrot became an eye-witness of night love games between Wendy and her husband. Next day the woman, who suspected nothing bad at that time, brought the parrot back to the preserve. And suddenly the parrot started talking in a human voice. Oliver told Wendy’s colleagues about her sexual life in detail, the bird even artfully mimicked manners and phrases used by the pair. The colleagues, who listened to the bird, were extremely surprised. Wendy’s boss, Rob Smith even thought a taped porno film was on at that moment, as sounds and phrases used by the pair during their sexual games were mimicked by the bird wonderfully. Wendy herself was confused and tried to hush the parrot up, but in vain.

The colleagues treated the incident as a funny joke. Wendy’s husband, who also works at the preserve, enjoyed the situation. As of now, Oliver is isolated until it completely forgets events of that night.

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