Paradise for fetishists

This store in one of the countries of North Europe is like a common store that sells women’s underwear. But it has a unique peculiarity: the customers can use the services of the so-called “fitting room girls.” Of course, such services attract male customers, basically.

For example, if you want to buy a present for your wife or lover, you can choose some underwear that you liked, an then you make a selection from fitting room girls, choosing the one that resembles the original most. The girl will take you to a small fitting room, and the show begins. The girl will undress right in front of you with a sweet smile of her face, there is a good shot to admire the beauty! But this is not all: you will have another great chance – she will try on every piece of underwear that you picked up from the shelves, and you will see, how it will look on your girlfriend.

There is a little couch in those fitting rooms, and the girl will take various positions you tell her, in order to have a “dynamic” impression of the would-be gift. Touching a girl is allowed, as well as squeezing “certain body parts” during the try-on-process. It is not allowed to touch her naked genitals, but if she wears panties, then a client may touch and stroke her crotch – to check, how the panties fit, or how pleasant the fabric is to feel.

If you wish to but a sexy present for a woman, then the store will give you the new underwear, not those bras and panties, which has just been tried on a fitting room girl. But there are a lot of men, who wish to buy the underwear, which they have just seen on a girl in a fitting room: loads of men are attracted with that try-on-process, this is the first priority for them, and buying underwear is something less important.

Fitting room girls wear the underwear that is available in their own store, but if a client decides to buy it, then they are supposed to take it off. The demand on the worn underwear is huge, so it is either cheaper or more expensive than the new lingerie. The sales peak of the worn underwear is at the end of the day, when those panties get not really fresh.

There is even some perversion allowed in the store. Some male clients wish to try on women’s underwear themselves! Well, this is a harder task for fitting girls: they have to spend quite a time to make a growing penis fit the panties. If a man ejaculates right on the girl’s hands, then there will be a scandal, so the clients are offered to control themselves. It is not allowed to masturbate in a fitting room either: if a client starts doing it, then a girl warns him and says that he could go to a toilet for that, and she will wait for him in the room.

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