Blond smokers have got high IQ

Jokes about blond girls are really very popular. It is traditionally believed, smoking ruins the health and intellectual facilities especially. However, recent researches rehabilitate blond-haired women and give hope to smokers.

Russia-on-Line reports results of investigation held by British television. Over 90,000 respondents took part in the poll, each was asked 70 questions to check knowledge of language, mathematics, logical and figurative thinking. Results were surprising!

Blond-haired people proved to be cleverer than red- and dark-haired people. People who are Aquarius by the horoscope have the highest IQ, as the investigation revealed. The lowest IQ is with Scorpio.

Smokers proved to be cleverer than non-smokers. Lefthanders are a bit ahead of right-handers. Blue-eyed people also turned out to be smarter than dark-eyed.

As regarding professional belonging, teachers proved to be the cleverest (average IQ is 104), restaurant owners and students revealed IQ of 102, constructors – 101, and celebrities have IQ of…97.

Average IQ of an Englishman is 100. If your IQ is between 90 and 110, be quite, you are clever enough. If it is over 110, you belong to the 25% who have got high IQs too. If by chance your IQ is 130 and above…why are you not yet a Nobel Prize winner?


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