400 Americans poisoned with Russian vodka

Panic arose at a four-storey office of Attica, Californian engineering company in the town of Aliso Viejo in the afternoon Monday. Couriers of the company suddenly came across at an unusually smelling parcel while sorting out mail. Some clear liquid was leaking from the parcel. An official who took the parcel suddenly felt giddiness and sharp pain in the eyes. In several minutes ambulance was to be called for five more staffers who discovered “unidentified substance” on their skin. In half an hour the whole of the office was gripped with panic, as everybody considered himself poisoned.

Being already experienced in the situations with terrorists and anthrax letters, the staffers sent for the rescue service. The rescuers came in special chemical protecting clothes, immediately evacuated 400 employees of the company, cordoned the building and sprayed the “contaminated zone”.

Only later contents of the terrifying parcel was identified. The parcel contained a broken bottle with a label in Russian. An expertise was held to discover, it was ordinary Russian vodka but with a rather pungent smell. The parcel was designed for one of the company’s managers as a present.

It is really funny that 400 people could get poisoned with one bottle of Russian vodka. It can happen in America only, where people easily become panic-stricken after all sad experience with terrorism, anthrax letters, bombs, etc.

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