Is this **** big or small?

According to the statistics of the organization Little Root, the owners of the shortest penises are those guys, who come from East Asia – Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. The second place is taken by Latin American males (getting longer) , then we have the Caucasian nationals, the fourth place is taken by East European males (Russians are among them), the fifth – West Europeans, the sixth – North Americans, the seventh – Africans (addition: their penises are most often impressive when limp, since they do not grow a lot when erected). And the winner is Arabs (Middle East).

Fifty-six percent of the people, who come from South East Asia, and who live in the USA, are not happy about the size of the their male pride, whereas the number of such men in South East Asia itself is only 31%. You may ask why? The variety of races in the USA results in the fact that men have more chances to compare so to speak, to see “who got the longest.”

Little Root appeared in the USA during the era of the punk culture. A group of guys started the cult of a small dick, conducting the propaganda of the compact advantages. The organization was growing, but at the same time, it was getting more and more private, intimate: are there a lot of men, who would dare to stand up and say that they haven’t got an impressive symbol of masculinity? Of course, there are none. For the time being, there are some 200 thousand members of this organization, men of different races and nationalities. The organisation is working in the USA, in Canada, almost in all European countries, as well as in Australia and in Israel. Specialists calculated that the number of Little Root potential members reaches ten percent of the male population of the planet! It may seem funny, but those guys, who have normal size, also join Little Root sometimes because of their dream to make it bigger. They say that John Lennon also was a member of Little Root during the last years of his life. There is even a confirmation for that: his partner was an eastern woman, and eastern women are basically used to “little ones.”

Those doctors, who work with Little Root members, say that the organization brings a lot of good to the society. The thing is: men with small penises are usually much more aggressive than those, who have big ones. They constantly feel their “immense disadvantage,” they feel that they cannot find their place under the sun, so they can often commit crimes, including sexual ones. By the way, a research showed that men with small penises are usually the most violent soldiers. They realize their aggressiveness, trying to make other people obey them. This conclusion proves the fact that practically all dictators had small penises. It is known that Hitler was one of them. He had a very big complex because of the size of his genitals.

So, the most valuable thing in the activity of the men’s brotherhood is giving advice. Sometimes an illusion is a very good way out: you can be recommended to use the experience of ballet male dancers, who put squirrel paws in their tights, or the tricks that men of the Middle Ages did, making their pants with thick fly fronts. Male models use those things nowadays too: needless to mention that women go to see male fashion not because of fancy outfits only. The saying “is there something in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?” is also a way out. If you dance with a woman, you may put something in your pocket (a marker, or a carrot), and your lady will think that your thing is just the right size.

Well, what is going to be next then? Shame for the rest of your life? No, just keep on using more tricks: dim light, candles, tell her that you feel shy to get undressed, that the best romance happens in the dark – this will work.

Little Root members regularly receive the information about the up-to-date news to make a bigger penis: the use of vacuum devices, or surgeon's help. The members of the brotherhood can also consult psychologists, plastic surgeons, who constantly collaborate with the organization, and the fee is smaller in this case.

“Short men” also use the opportunities of the world wide web, there are a lot of special sites on the net. You can find there ads from men that dream to find a girlfriend, who likes small dicks. It is curious, but Little Root provides a special service: prostitutes that can give good pleasure to men in a delicate way.

Doctors keep on saying that the sexual orientation is not at all connected with penis size, although there are a lot of examples that prove the opposite. One of them is the thing that happened to George Michael. The singer started showing his interest in men after his girlfriend made fun of him, telling everyone around that George had a small penis. What else did he have to do, but to find the consolation with other men?

Russian women do not pay much of their attention to the male size. The results of the recent opinion poll showed that only seven percent of Russian girls give the top priority to that when they choose a partner. Thirty-two percent think that the most important trait in men is kindness, 24% - ability to earn money, 29% - indifference to alcohol. So Russian men do not have to worry a lot – there will surely be a woman, who will be ready to love you just for the good person you are.

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