To live long - be bachelor!

Americans actively study 100-year-old people to find so-called long-liver gene. In particular, Centagenetic biotechnological firm carries out works like that in Boston. Among the long-livers the firm is studying, there is Eddy Bernsten who is considered to be youth’s representatives being only 99 years old. He perfectly drives car and puts on glasses only to read a small print. Mr Bernsten’s father died in age of 101 years, while Eddy hopes to reach the age of 102. Eddy supposes that long life does not have only genetic nature. Within the whole his long life, he never refused small pleasures to himself, to which cigars and his friends’ company belong. Though, as for lady’s company, it should not be constant, the aged gentleman supposes. According to Bernsten, one thing helped him to survive: he kept commandment “Do not marry.” However, this statement is disputable. According to the statistics, married men live longer than bachelors.

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