Rosaviakosmos does not intend to sell the descend module to the south african tourist

Rosaviakosmos does not intend to sell the descent module on board of which the exhibition visiting the International Space Station returned on the Earth to Mark Shuttleworth, space tourist #2 from the South African Republic. Earlier the South African Agency SAPA announced that the module was acquired by Shuttleworth as a souvenir. But Sergei Gorbunov, the press secretary of the head of Rosaviakosmos, stated at a press conference in the Star City that never before the descent module was sold to any country. Gorbunov stated that the spacecraft is considered federal property and Russia can't violate its obligations not to transfer high space technologies to any other country. According to him, only a model of the apparatus can be sold to space tourist Mark Shuttleworth. The model for sale would be done without any "electronic stuffing" but, according to Gorbunov, even in that case certain legal procedures would be required. Shuttleworth reported at the press conference that he did not object to being sold a model of descent module. According to him, that would allow South African residents to get acquainted in principle with the space equipment which the resident of that country had to work with. As far as the sale of the space suit was concerned, according to Gorbunov, the space tourist may purchase it and "hang on the wall at home". But since the suit is also federal property, "though less valuable", certain legal formalities would still be required in order to sell it.

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