The oldest parrot uses foul language like Churchill

A parrot that was taught to use bad language by Sir Winston Churchill himself is the oldest learned bird in Great Britain, and probably in the whole of the world. In any case, the owner of the bird says so. The owner of the parrot, Charlie Peter Oram is sure, the bird is 103 years old at least. The bird’s background is connected with the name of Britain’s legendary prime minister Winston Churchill, who had bought the parrot in approximately 1937. The prime minister was famous for his wonderful sense of humor, and that is why he trained the bird in a special manner. He taught the parrot to use British foul language, the bird was rather clever and started repeating words rather quickly. After Winston Churchill the parrot, Charlie, had several successive owners, and finally appeared in the Surrey county with today’s owner Peter Oram. Gardener Leonard Small is very much attached to the bird. He says, every day the parrot gets more and more quarrelsome, he is not inclined now to talk a lot. The gardener explains it with the bird’s old age, that is traditionally accompanied with different illnesses.

Earlier it was believed, cockatoo Cokky was the oldest in Britain, its age was 80 years by the moment of the tragic death. But now we see that Winston Churchill’s parrot is the oldest one. To tell the truth, Charlie does not look any more so much grand, as in its young age. Part of its feathers already fell out, but the parrot will be always really the best and most beautiful for the owner and the gardener. It is officially believed, Charlie was born in 1899, he had two owners before Winston Churchill. But it was the British Prime Minister who taught its to use bad language. What is especially interesting, the parrot even mimics Churchill’s voice at that.

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