Black magic: The past and the present

Women still use the medieval knowledge of black magic, if they want to bewitch a man. Women are ready to use any kind of things for that: their menstrual blood, toad skin, and lots of other things that you cannot even imagine to be useful.

A very unusual trial took place in the beginning of March in the French city of Reims. A 16-year-old girl named Jacqueline was charged with black magic and witchcraft misuse. The girl fell in love in a boy, and she wanted him to love her in return, but the two-way love was not meant to happen. So Jacqueline decided to use the black magic spell. When they were having a school party, the girl stole his glass for a second and added the mixture of her own menstrual blood, sulfur, ashes of her own pubic hair in it. In the end, the guy was hospitalized, very serious poisoning was diagnosed. Jacqueline did not at all want that to happen, so she burst into tears and explained that she simply wanted the guy to fall in love with her. So the sexy witch was fined in the sum of 7000 euro (by the way, she found the recipe on the Internet), and put in prison for four months. The guy survived after a month of suffering, and started going to another school, to avoid any other sad adventures.

It is an open secret that back magic has been used for long in order to make someone fall in love. Three hundred years ago the wife of the Russian Tsar Peter the First, Evdokiya, was trying to deter a hot German lover Anna Mons from her husband. Evdokiya decided to use the services of a witch. Women spotted Anna’s portrait with wax, and then they stuck needles in her eyes. The Tsarina was sent to a convent, where she died afterwards, and the old witch was burnt, as it usually happened to witches.

Here is a standard recipe of a love-potion: menstrual blood, hair ashes, powder of a nail, brains of a bat, and frog skin. A modern human being would throw up, but this was the cocktail (mixed with wine, of course), which was served to the French King Loius XV by his favorite Marquise de Pompadour. The old woman, who made the cocktail, finished her life on a fire, as usual. But Madame de Pompadour finished off with her rival in a very smart way: she ordered the service for her peace in a church. That woman died in a month, and Pompadour was the king’s lover for 20 years.

Tuscan witch Tofana killed about a hundred of unfaithful husbands in 1635. Tofana had a lot of “clients” – women came to her hut, asking for a potion, which would help to get their girl-loving husbands back. The witch was giving rat poison to them, a man certainly died after eating some soup with such ingredient, and Tofana had a very good explanation for that: God punished him for his mean behavior. Tofana was arrested in the long run: when it became known, how many men Tofana poisoned, the guard choked her in her prison cell. Witches are not being burnt in Russia or in Europe nowadays, you can find a lot of ads in a newspaper, like “I will help to return your husband, 100% guarantee.” But the situation is different in Islamic countries. A crowd ambushed and burnt the house of a 98-year-old woman in Pakistan the other day. As one of the peasants said, the witch was bringing harm to little girls, collecting their blood (she saved the total of 200 grams). The explanation was simple: the old lady fell madly in love with a 17-year-old son of the local imam, but she perfectly realized that he was never going to love her back. The lady collected the virgin blood for the ritual ablution, which would help her to turn to a young girl. The end of the story was sorrowful: the old woman died of her emotional experience, without making her dream come true.

A woman’s menstrual blood has always been the most serious substance for love-potion. Elisa Schteinhau, a black magic magician from Munichsaid that menstrual blood contained strong exciting and narcotic substances. She said that a glass of menstrual blood could result in hallucinations. Sometimes women spread a little of this blood behind her man’s ear, when he is sleeping. This mark is supposed to remain there for three days. Sometimes a drop of menstrual blood is put in wine of coffee, or even in shaving cream or cologne. As a matter of fact, this can lead to lamentable consequences. First of all, a man can have a very serious allergic reaction, and secondly, - poisoning. Furthermore, if your beloved man is spellbound, it will not be possible to get rid of the spell. Elisa said that she knew an incident, when a woman cast a spell on her unfaithful man, but then she fell in love with another guy and wanted to divorce her husband. The latter killed her in the end.

Menstrual blood is the cheapest of all the substances that you can get. But the most expensive one is mandrake – ground apples, which grow underneath the trees. People used to hang criminals on oaks and aspens: all the muscles of a dead body relaxed, and the testicle liquid dropped on the ground. Village girls picked the so-called “hanged men’s mandrakes” at night, and then sold them to rich ladies.

No one is executed in Europe that way now, so dry mandrakes are illegally delivered from Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, where people are still hung. The price of one mandrake reaches $5000 in London and Paris, but there are a lot of fakes too. It is believes, that the powder of this fruit guarantees “love blindless:” a man stops reacting to any other women, but his wife, he does not even smell other women. Western tabloids wrote that American girl named Elizabeth cast a spell on British King Edward VIII in 1936 with the help of the hung men’s fruit: the King abdicated his throne in order to marry Elizabeth, and he was totally devoted to her until his dying day.

Men also bewitch women, but very seldom, and they do not use any brains of a bat for that. For example, a 24-year-old guy Mat Donahue from Glasgow found himself behind the bars because of inventing special perfume, which allowed him to sleep with 500 women! As soon as they could smell that aroma from the guy, their minds went obscure and their panties off. One of the girls went to police, after she came to her senses, and claimed that she had been raped. The guy never unveiled the ingredients of his wonder perfume, he only said that he spent six years of his life, working on them.

Another Mr. Know-All from Sweden cut his female classmates’ locks secretly, with the help of a razor, then he burnt the hair at home, and wiped the ashes into his penis. However, this did not help – none on the girls was falling in love in him, so the guy started stealing their underwear from the lockeroom. The guy was caught during one of such attempts.

The classic recipe for casting a spell on a woman is described in Casanova’s memoirs: a musk gland of a musk-deer, a little bit of spice, Spanish fly, the powder of a deer’s antler, burnt eyelashes and cow milk. Casanova asserted that even the most inaccessible woman would have a strong and uncontrollable wish to see what a man has in his pants. No one knows if it is true or not, but it is known that Casanova used to spend a lot of money to order musk-deer glands from Persia.

One of the funniest incidents happened in Kiev, Ukraine. A 15-year-old schoolboy added some glue to the stewed fruit drink of the girl that he was in love with. The girl was hospitalized, but the boy said that he only wanted her to love him, he added that a friend of his told him that recipe, saying that he had learnt about it from his grandmother’s book. In the end it turned out that it was only a Fool’s Day joke.


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