American publicist Paul Murthy says: The explosions of the houses in Russia in the autumn of 1999 were organised by Chechen militants

After the showing of the abridged version of the film "Assassinat en Russie" on Wednesday in the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, American publicist Paul Murthy said that he was still sure that the explosions of dwelling houses in Russian cities in the autumn of 1999 were organised by Chechen field commanders Hattab and Shamil Basayev. According to him, these people are among the main ideologists of Great Chechnya. Paul Murphy is the author of the book titled "The Faces of Terror." He lived in Russia for several years and collected material for his book. This film has been made on the order of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky who lives now abroad. The authors of the film believe that the explosions of the dwelling houses in Moscow in 1999 were organised by the Russian Federal Security Service. During the discussion after the showing of the film, Paul Murthy said that he was a witness of the tragic events in Moscow and was familiar with all their versions, including the version followed by the authors of the film. Nevertheless, said Paul Murthy, there are direct and indirect facts which testify that it was Hattab and Basayev who organised these crimes. Back in 1995, relying on radical religious ideology, Hattab allowed to use "any acts and any methods, including terrorism," to fight against Russia - the American publicist reminded the audience. Paul Murphy underscored that Hattab refused to condemn the tragic terrorist acts in Moscow and other Russian cities in the autumn of 1999.

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