Foreign men like to marry predatory Russian girls

Another black comedy appeared in theatres across Russia – “Birthday Girl.” The main part is performed by Nicole Kidman – she plays a Russian girl, who meets a young Englishman on the Internet, a bank clerk. The guy invites his Russian virtual love to visit him, but the girl turns out to be a virtual crook. Someone may think that this is another Hollywood fairytale, but the story of the movie has a lot of examples in real life. Russian girls have been attacking foreign men for 15 years already. Marriages between a Russian girl and a foreign successful businessman end with court proceedings and division of property – this is the best variant of a sad end. The worst case is when such marriages end with a tragedy.

There were actually no marriages between Russian women and foreign men until the mid 1980s. But when the iron curtain went down, this issue became rather fashionable and even prestigious. Foreign businessmen usually like Russian girls, valuing their passion for good housekeeping, sexual appeal, and of course, their beauty. Up to 30 thousand marriages like that were registered at the end of the 1980s - beginning of the 1990s. But as it turns out, Russian girls are far from being pretty little angels.

Anthony Gregson, a well-known Californian businessman, decided to commit suicide in 1994 in LA: the 56-year-old man took a lot of sleeping pills. When Gregson recovered, he narrated his heart-rending story. As he said, his wife’s name was Olesya, she came from Ukraine. Gregson fell in love with her in one of Kiev’s coffee-shops, but his happiness was over as soon as the couple became husband and wife. Anthony started telling his commercial secrets to Olesya, which was his big mistake. The woman turned out to be good in the field of book-keeping, and she found out that her husband did not pay some $3.5 million of taxes every year. She stopped her personal life with Anthony, and found some Russian guys in the city for her sexual needs. When her American husband decided to say his man’s words on the subject, Olesya threatened to put him in jail. She added that she would not mind leaving him alone, but only for $12 million. American businessman gave way to despair very quickly, he decided to commit suicide, having written the will, pursuant to which all his money would go to orphanages. But he was unlucky again: Olesya insisted on the divorce with the division of property, and Gregson had considerable problems with justice. He had a small consolation in the end: Olesya received only one million dollars.

The majority of deceived rich guys prefer to bid farewell to their wives without any commotion: to pay them the money they want and go on with their bachelor lives. But if a known person is involved in such a scandal, this cannot but attract the attention of press. Another couple was divorcing in Alaska in September of 1998: Christopher Buckly, the local businessman (in the field of timber sales) and his wife Elena, who was from Russia, of course. The woman was trying to get $2.5 million from her husband. The guy hired good lawyers, and it just so happened that Elena was going to receive only 100 or 200 thousand dollars. Elena went furious, and told journalists about her husband's sexual preferences. As it turned out, a respectable man in Alaska was a masturbator and almost an impotent. Elena said that he liked watching children pornography on video, and preferred anal sex most of all. The millionaire was crushed, and he tried with finish off with the litigation as soon as possible.

Richarg Hughes from Illinois sued his wife last year, a former citizen of Moldavia. Hughes (47) claimed that his wife was extorting big sums of money from him during several months. The nimble woman managed to make friends with several guys from the Russian mafia, and brought them on him. The story had a happy end: the court found the woman guilty and sentenced her to five years in prison.

Another sad story happened to a Canadian guy from Toronto. He married Irina Aksyonova (from the Russian city of Novosibirsk) in 1999, and took her to Canada. She teased him so much that he stopped having an erection, when he was in bed with his wife. When she was not at home, he was using prostitutes’ services. But the girl was not that ordinary: she filmed several of those scenes on video, and started blackmailing her husband, asking for ten million dollars. The guy could not tolerate it and hired an assassin. No one was killed in the end: he went to police in the long run. The court sentenced Irina to two years on probation.

The foreign community is rather alarmed about this issue. Media outlets publish sensational materials, trying to make rich foreign men not succumb to the charms of the Russian girls. But it seems that it is all in vain: up to 180 thousand marriages are registered in America monthly between American men and women from East Europe.

By the way, Russian Internet users have a very easy method to get some money from a foreign guy. It is very easy indeed. A girl goes to a men-seek-foreign-women site, meets some elderly guy over there, and starts corresponding with him, until a man decides to invite his “virtual love” to visit him. And it just so happens that a girl does not at all have any money for a plane ticket. She asks him to send her the money, he does so, and a girl never shows up in his house. Such an adventure usually brings from 300 to 1000 dollars of profit.

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