Armenia’s Top Pop Star Headlines Memorial for NYC Victims Concerts To Be Held in Yerevan on May 24-25

Yerevan, Armenia – The Republic of Armenia's most popular entertainer, singer Nune (noo-neh), along with nearly 200 Armenian artists, are in rehearsal for two solidarity concerts that will honor the memory of the thousands who lost their lives September 11th. The concerts at the Hamalir Stadium in Yerevan, Armenia, on May 24 and May 25th are titled "NY for NY," short for Nune Yesayan for New York. The productions will bring together an unprecidented group of talented Armenian singers, musicians and dancers to memorialize WTC and Pentagon victims. "I watched the events unfold in horror," said the 32-year-old singer. "All I could think of was how those innocent victims were never going to be able to share what was in their hearts. Sons, daughters, wives, husbands, friends, lovers didn't know that the last time they saw one another would be their last; and if they only could have had the chance to say goodbye." The terrorist attacks and the thousands of lives cut short in an instant reminded Yesayan of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, when more than 20,000 Armenians were killed and nearly a million were left homeless. The singer remembers the aftermath of that disaster and the trauma survivors and her entire nation faced the decade that followed the earthquake. "What I want to communicate to Americans and the citizens of our small global village, our world, is that Armenia will never forget the horror at the World Trade Center," said Yesayan.

Our entire country will unite with the City of New York and with our brothers and sisters around the world, because we know what it's like to lose tens of thousands in a huge, unimaginable and unexpected tragedy. We want to show our solidarity with the U.S. and send our love and support to the families of those whose lives were taken by the terrorists." The story of the "NY for NY" musical production and concert begins when barbarous enemies attack a castle in ancient Armenia. The enemies threaten the villager's freedom, try to erase their culture, people and their kingdom. That's when the heroine of the show comes to life and takes action. She gives herself the responsibility, on behalf of her people, to not be a victim, not to be taken advantage of and to make a difference. "After all," said Yesayan, "that's what is expected of each individual as we all try to make our world a better place. We all have a role to play, and our story's heroine decides to come to the defense of her people and of her country. She puts on the armor, meant for a man, and leads the heroic defense of her castle."

About Nune Yesayan: Nune Yesayan is a modern-day minstrel from Armenia, a songstress who has survived a traumatic personal history and emerged to breathe a new life of hope and beauty into the present day Armenian experience. The 32-year-old is at the top of the pop charts in Armenia and sells out concerts around the globe in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Kuwait, Moscow and other cities.

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