The country's leadership should respond adequately to the sinking of the orbital complex "Mir"

Deputies of the State Duma, Vladimir Volkov, Svetlana Savitskaja and Vitali Sevastjanov, have submitted a draft resolution "In Connection with the Liquidation of the Orbital Space Complex "Mir"" to consideration by the lower chamber. Against the background of sharply aggravated relationship between Moscow and Washington, the deputies' statement becomes particularly important and PRAVDA.Ru features below the whole text of the draft resolution.

"In Connection with the Liquidation of the Orbital Space Complex "Mir"". Despite repeated addresses by the State Duma of the Russian Federation, numerous appeals by eminent scientists, trade unions and the public at large, the Government of Russian Federation and the management of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency decided to liquidate the orbital space complex "Mir". This complex is the crowning point of the Soviet scientific and engineering thought, the fruit of the greatest skills of this country's working people, evidence of a high technological level of the home industry and a reflection of achievements by the system of higher and secondary education in this country. Analysis of the condition of the orbital complex "Mir", including that undertaken by a commission of independent experts, shows that the complex could continue to perform its functions at least till the year 2002, the more so that the relevant expenses for the purpose were allocated in the 2000 budget of the Russian Federation. However, the Government of the Russian Federation has taken, in fact, a political decision to terminate the operation the orbital complex "Mir", with the main emphasis being shifted to activities within the International Space Station (ISS) program. The decision of the US leadership to drastically reduce funding of this program, as well as the analysis of the contract that determines the status of the Russian Federation in the International Space Station program, testifies to the fact that Russia's participation in the above program can in no way be a substitute for the national program of orbital manned flights. The technical and economic analysis of the ISS project shows that, given its enormous cost, it reflects yesterday's level of scientific and technological achievements, excludes all together the use of the ISS in the interests of Russia's defence potential, reduces Russia's participation in the ISS basically to the technical servicinng of the station. Termination of the national program of orbital manned flights is pregnant with the danger of destruction of this country's powerful scientific and technological potential built up to implement this program. It can result in curtailing the relevant research work, liquidating or reducing drastically the number of enterprises involved in implementing this program, dismissing dozens of thousands of highly skilled specialists, ceasing the instruction of the relevant subjects in institutions of higher learning. This means that Russia will increasingly surrender the part she plays in the world science and in the development of high-tech branches of economy, which jeopardises Russia's security and her role in the world in the 21st century. The State Duma finds it proper to relieve Yu.N.Koptev of his post of the head of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency on the ground of his having misinformed the President and the R.F. Government about the existing opportunities to continue the operation of the complex "Mir" and being personally responsible for its untimely liquidation and also drawing Russia further into the ISS project that is burdensome financially and unjustified technically. The State Duma calls upon the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of Russia to review the terms of Russia's participation in the International Space Station program, switching it over to operate on a commercial basis, and also to make a decision without any delay to start efforts to create a Russian orbital space station of a new generation using the money allocated in the 2001 budget for the International Space Station and also earmarking appropriate funds for this purpose in the draft 2002 Federal Budget."

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