Dracula offspring looking for a heir

A man claiming himself as the last descendant to Dracula says he is looking for a noble heir in England to carry on the vampire clan.

In an interview to BBC Ottomar Rudolf Vlad Dracula said, a potential heir should not be confused with the clan’s strange reputation. He also mentioned, it was not an obligatory requirement that the heir should have an aversion for garlic, which is typical of vampires.

Dracula put special stress to the fact that the clan “had nothing to do with blood-thirstiness”, on the contrary, it was a highly aristocratic family.

Ottomar Rudolf Vlad Dracula, the Kezulesku Prince, was in fact former confectioner in Berlin named Ottomar Berbig who was adopted by the Kezulesku Prince, the last of the Dracula kin, in 1987. Kezulesku descends from Romanian Prince Tepesh, nicknamed Impaler, who was famous for his cruelty. Tepesh became the pre-image to writer Bram Stocker for his novel Dracula.

The descendant to the Dracula clan says, his girl-friend and he are not successful in attempts to give birth to a heir, still they do not give up. However, if 62-year-old Ottomar fails to give birth to a heir, he will go to England to find a lord or a lady to “become family member and carry on the Dracula clan.”


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