“Vova Putin” literally melts in mouth

Two years ago, when Vladimir Putin’s inauguration took place, amateur selectionist from the city of Chelyabinsk, Nikolai Yegorov, raised a new frost-resisting tomato sort. The selectionist did not hesitate while choosing the name. In a family council, it was decided to call the sort “Vova Putin.” The sprout is really unique: it came up the third day after planting and turned out to be tenacious of life and tough, with very downy leaves. In 45 days after coming up, the selectionist gathered the first harvest. Of the 13 sorts raised by Nikolai Yegorov, “Vova Putin” is his favourite. It is also very popular in the selectionist’s family. The fruits literally melt in mouth. The record weight for “Vova Putin” is 1.5 kg! The sort already became famous. Some people advise the selectionist to send a party of the tomatoes to the Kremlin. Though the selectionist still has not taken out a patent for his sort. According to Russian Patent Law, names of state leaders, historical figures, and of people who are considered to be national property could not be used without their agreement. Who knows, what will Putin say to the selectionist?

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