Garnier developed wonder condoms

The French company Garnier developed wonder condoms for those people, who do not have sexual experience. The new condoms look like ordinary ones, but they have a hallucinogenic effect.

As soon as you unpack a condom and it touches the skin of your fingers, you can see a holographic hallucination. It is usually a woman that looks like Pamela Anderson, and this woman functions as a “tutor,” showing you the right way to use a condom and perform a sexual intercourse.

This “lesson” takes place in the head of a beginner, but the skills that you will get remain in your mind on the level of reflex. There were 25 French students selected to test such an invention – the young people between 15-17 years of age. If the tests are successful, then the wonder condoms will be available in stores this May. As Garnier Labaratoires informed, the rights of the sexual minorities will also be taken into consideration: special condoms will be produced for gays, where the tutor will be a man that looks like Antonio Banderas.

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