Deliver your soul to a new owner

A week ago Vasily, a citizen from Russian town of Barnaul offered his “still sinless soul” to an American Internet auction, he did it jokingly. The trades started with five cents and were rather slack.

But the situation changed rather quickly, as lots of greedy people wanted to have Vasily’s soul. The stakes were increasing every minute. People from all parts of the world took part in the auction, but an American woman from Alabama was the luckiest. She paid $400 for the man’s soul. But Vasily hardly realized what would be the consequences of his joke, when he published the offer. When the trades were over, the man got a letter from the online auction owner with the demand “to deliver the soul to the new owner.” If the demand is not satisfied, Vasily can be brought to court for fraud. The US law provides for an imprisonment for up to three years for crimes of this kind.

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