In Vladivostok people can see blue sun and pink snow

The citizens of the Russian city of Vladivostok (the Far East of Russia) witnessed weird snowfall today: the snow was of dirty pink-yellowish color. This was especially strange after the blue sun, which has astonished the people recently - the snow was the continuation of the surrealistic behavior of nature in Vladivostok.

“This was the first time, when such a dusty mist covered the city,” – the chief regional weather forecaster Zinaida Bakulina said. As it turns out, this is the way for Vladivostok citizens to pay for the unusually warm winter. As Bakulina said, the mainland was warmed due to the high temperature in January-March, and cyclones activated. A powerful troposphere whirlwind up to nine kilometers high was formed above the northern China, and now it is gradually moving eastwards. The cold fronts were formed in the southern rim of the whirl, and one of those fronts covered Vladivostok. Zinaida Bakulina said that since the air was coming from China, where the dusty storm raised sand and dust in the air, the snow in Vladivostok was colored pink and yellow. The sun rays seemed bluish because of the dust refraction.

The concentration of dust in the air of Vladivostok increased the norm nine times yesterday. Doctors and weather forecasters asked the citizens to breath through wet masks outside. Today’s snow made the air cleaner.

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