Member of Federation Council crushed State Duma deputy’s back

A clash of a senator’s Jeep and a deputy’s Cadillac in Tverskaya Street could grow into a war between the Law and the Upper Houses. State Duma deputy Vladimir Semenov is very pained. His exclusive Eldorado Cadillac’s back has now unpleasant wrinkles like an old woman. While, according to envious persons, there are only three Cadillac like that in Russia. According to Semenov, that were drunkards from Federation Council who damaged the car. The deputy stopped according to light signal, though at that moment, a Jeep crashed into the Cadillac’s back. From the Jeep Tyumen governor Sergei Korepanov’s drunk aid got out and started to cry that some very important persons set in his car who had to drive fast. In a minute, a policeman appeared who supported the governor’s drunk aid. Any average person would be afraid hearing such authorities crying and start calculating in his mind the approximate sum of the damage done to the Jeep. Though the deputy is not an average person. He at once showed his deputy certificate to the both loudmouths, which impressed them. Then, the deputy agreed with the governor’s aid where he would receive money for the damage done to his Cadillac and left the spot. Though it turned out to be not so easy to meet with the senator even after the appointment was made. The Federation Council’s member seems not to want to repair his colleague’s car. Semenov feels deceived and writes letters to the head of the Upper House, Mironov, while hoping he would help him. According to Semenov, Cadillac is dear to him as memory. And this could be understood. Thanks to the Cadillac, Semenov for two years has been sex-symbol of the Duma.

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