Criminal charges were brought against a guy for yelling the f-word 75 times

Michigan court dismissed the charges, which were brought against the man, nicknamed “Cussing Canoeist.” The programmer from Detroit was charged on the 105-year-old law, which determined that swearing at women and children’s presence was illegal.

Pursuant to the materials of the investigation, Timothy Boomer was canoeing in August of 1998, fell into the river, and yelled the world-known f-word 75 times running. A five-ear-old boy and two-year-old girl witnessed that trick.

The occasion caught the society’s attention, when the free style speech followers and Boomer’s lawyers started a discussion with those, who stood for the pure English language. The expressive programmer was found guilty after the district court refused to dismiss the charges on the base of the interests to protect the children’s ethics. However, the recent hearings proved that the legal restrictions, which allowed to use any bad words at woman or child’s presence, were too vague. The judges of the court concluded that the approval of any legal persecution against any human being, who used bad words in his or her speech, and the positive court precedent in this field, will raise a wild protest among the population.

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