Moscow young men devour Viagra

A new fashion appeared amid the Moscow youth: instead of buying ecstasy at night clubs, guys prefer Viagra pills. This medicine was sold in Moscow in the sum of three million dollars last year. The sales peak falls on spring and autumn.

The world-famous pills are helpful in 75% of erectile disfunction cases. The price of Viagra in Moscow today is $18 – twice as expensive as in the rest of the world. But the high price does not stop men, and the income from selling the wonder pills reached three million dollars last year in Moscow, taking into consideration the fact that there are only 70 thousand impotent men in the Russian capital (500 thousand in Russia).

It is surprising, but Moscow doctors say that those men, who really suffer from impotence, are not in the habit of buying Viagra. Professor Rostislav Beleda said that he seldom prescribed Viagra, because the majority of his patients, who were in need of those pills, were elderly men.

Viagra is basically in demand among Moscow’s healthy men and foreigners. The tourists usually buy Viagra for taking it abroad: Russia is the only country, where you can get it without any prescription.

Other Viagra fans are young students from the category of progressive youth, who do not complain of the sexual problems at all. It’s basically vice versa, but they still take Viagra often. Smoking marijuana is not fashionable anymore - organism is in need of something more impressive. One of the students said that he normally did not take the pills for no reason, “but if you take it together with ecstasy, then your orgasm will last for three minutes and the effect is unforgettable.” The guy said that Viagra was available in Moscow nigh clubs, “the main thing here is not to drink, otherwise you will pop your clogs.” Professor Beleda was horrified, when he heard that opinion: “Yes, indeed, if you take Viagra together with hallcinogenic substance like ecstasy, then this cocktail will give you very impressive moments. But if this cocktail becomes a usual thing in your life, then you may forget about your erection by the age of 40, and no Viagra will help.”

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