Patriotic spirits better sperm

Multiplication of spermatozoa is impossible with lack of patriotism. According to scientists of State Scientific Centre of Preventive Medicine, negligence of patriotic education issue has negatively influenced spermatogenesis of men of Moscow Region. This was reported at the last week round table organized by Moscow Region’s Duma. The subject of the sitting was Patriotic Education of citizens of the Region before 30. One of the most curious speeches was given by doctor of medical science and philosophy, Igor Gundarov, who tried to convince the sitting’s participants of direct connection between patriotism and testicles’ function. “The region’s population decreases by 1 percent a year. While lack of patriotism causes that Moscow Region’s citizen does not know for what aim he lives. Further – stress and loss of the truth. While stress causes catastrophe of the male spermatic matter,” – he said. “Psychic states influence spermatogenesis through psychosomatic. This was found out by our Scientific Centre,” – the scientist said to journalists. According to the scientists, in 1996, 1 millilitre of sperm belonging to Moscow Region’s citizen contained 80 million of spermatozoa, while now it contains only 10 million. “The programme of patriotic education should help men to learn the sense of their life. We will love our hymn, flag, military games, therefore concentration of spermatozoa will increase, influencing birth rate,” – the scientist concluded. The programme already exists, to realize it 117,600,000 (approximately $ 3,900,000) rubles were apportioned from Moscow Region’s budget. The programme will be realized in 2005.

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